There are hundreds of podcasts available to hear the latest news from the enterprise and entrepreneurship sectors. Many of these are US based which can provide valuable learning, however, two UK podcasts I really recommend following are:

The Disruptive Entrepreneur & The Money Podcast by Rob Moore

For a flavour of the type of talks Rob gives take a look at this short video.

A second podcast that I really enjoy with a very different style to The Disruptive Entrepreneur is:

The Bottom Line

This podcast is hosted by the BBC’s Evan Davies and provides a weekly business conversation with leaders and entrepreneurs. The programme is co produced by BBC Radio 4 and the Open University. You can find an overview of the programme in the video below.

This is Akimbo– Podcast by Seth Godwin

This is a podcast by Seth Godwin about culture, and how we can bend and change it. Its on every week, its cool, take a listen.