My Enterprising Week 1- Being Busy Doing the things you love.

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My Enterprising Week 1

When I began this blog, I wanted to as well as raising thoughts on different aspects of Enterprise Education and Entrepreneurship use my blog as an aid memoir for my own experiences. Do you ever have one of those weeks whereby you feel so much information has entered your brain? Its been an incredibly busy week, so here, in no real order are some of the things which I have noticed over the last seven days in the world of all thing’s Enterprise!

Firstly, last week I submitted my final report for the unit ‘Managing Innovation’ on my MSc Business and Entrepreneurship Degree with Edinburgh Napier University. I have really enjoyed the module and am hoping to score well; I will find out in just under three weeks’ time the results. My report looked at the innovative processes used by British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International in respect to the changing nature of tobacco consumption. It was interesting to study these two giant organisations and hope it will be enjoyable for my tutors to read.

I also had a trip to Chessington World of Adventures as part of my final preparations for an event I am running next week- the Young Enterprise UK Start Up Final- this should be great fun and there are Universities from all over the UK competing to reach the European Final later next month. Chessington have been great to work with and its an inspiring, different venue- something I am keen on for my events- quirky is good! I will post much more about this next week.

Chessington World of Adventures, venue for Young Enterprise UK Start Up Final

Possibly the highlight of my week however was attending a North West schools based enterprise event, although I have been part of literally hundreds of these, when you chat to the young people and they give you their account of how they feel from their involvement has benefited them through Ented it does make you reconfirm the reason why you continue to feel passionate about all of this. Take a listen to some inspiring students who are so passionate about their venture and what they have created, for 16 year old’s to do this, I find to be hugely rewarding.

Students talking about their Young Enterprise Experience at 2019 North West Company Programme Final at University of Lancaster

I also signed up to a couple of opportunities this week which are coming up over the next month- do have a look if they are something you would like to get involved with and both are free!

The first is an online webinar course to be held on 22nd May by the website. This is a virtual workshop regarding ‘4 steps to more engagement’ when teaching entrepreneurship. I really love this website, its so informative and innovative in its thinking- I am looking forward to hearing ideas that I can bring back into my teaching and delivery. You can sign up here if you would like to take part.

The second is an event taking place at University of Buckingham on 28th June- this is EntFest, part of the Peter Jones Foundation. I attended this last year and there were some great workshops and talks, I’ll look to get lots of footage to bring back to the site post event, maybe a picture with Mr Jones to boot! If you would like to attend the link is here.

Finally, three documents / articles to look out for that I found interesting:

Why Europe Matters- Young People’s Feelings about the future. This was an interesting study about those that had and had not partaken in Ented of various forms. One of the findings included those students who have participated in Ented had a better grasp of the advantages of European Integration and would be more willing to work abroad. Let’s hope those opportunities remain open to ALL the young people of Europe. You can see the full study report here.

Building on some of the thoughts I had in a recent post regarding social division within those students competing in Enterprise competitions, there was a respected paper released from the recent European Council Small Business and Entrepreneurship ‘How Social Origins Predict Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation’. You can see an overview of this paper below.

Finally, a tweet and story from FT journalist Sarah O’Connor with the title ‘Can we please stop with this notion that state school kids are being held back by their lack of polish and confidence’. I commented; I would love to hear your thoughts.

And breathe. See you next week.

Ps- if you are on Facebook the social media page for that is now up and running- take a look!

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