Who inspires you? From a Seth Godin fan.

I think no matter what sector we work within or enjoy being part of we always have people that inspire us.

I have people that I work with, that perhaps don’t know it themselves, but I look at as unofficial mentors, their words, actions and beliefs inspire me to do better and progress myself.

We can also now with the rise of the Internet and the numerous channels available for people to share news and content have those people who inspire us who we have not and may never meet. For me that person would be Seth Godin.

I imagine if you are reading this post and visiting my website you may well be aware of Seth Godin, if you are a student or very new to the sector and haven’t Seth is a 58 year old American author and business founder. The range of topics which he writes about is broad, from marketing and leadership to spreading ideas and adopting change. What makes his work so fantastic in my mind is the accessibility of it, the language is believable and understandable and not wrapped in academic speak which can sometimes be off-putting, this said when you read his work you feel you are being educated and that’s a nice thing to get from reading others thoughts.

I am going to add to my recommended books and podcasts some of his work that I really enjoy. Two books that are simply must reads if you are interested in business start up and entrepreneurship are Purple Cow and Unleashing the Ideavirus. Without giving too much away Purple Cow looks at how you can ensure your company is remarkable and not invisible, it makes you change your attitude to putting time and efforts into projects with are worth your time, not those that will stagnate. Unleashing the Ideavirus on the other hand focuses on the idea of existing consumers being the ultimate sales tool for your products and services rather than businesses spending time and resource selling to consumers. The classic C2C model of selling against B2C. Both are accessible reads and should be in your library.

I would also recommend checking out Akimbo, a weekly podcast delivered by Seth Godwin and Seth’s Blog, over 2 million words on this blog written over many, many years, certainly something to aspire to! I would love to know if any of you have read the latest book, This is Marketing, You can’t be seen until you learn to see. If you have read this and indeed have any thoughts, please let me know?

So that’s a short blog post from me, but taking inspiration from those you have never met, must surely be testament and proof of their effectiveness at promoting their message. If you are interested in the topic areas on my website take a look at all the links, you won’t be disappointed, and I hope he continues to inspire for many years to come.

Have you any thoughts on Seth Godwin and who inspires you?

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